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Fairchild Semiconductor FDD6688 FDU6688

30V N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET.

Date 2014-04-23 Filesize 132.98 KB Download 342
Fairchild Semiconductor FDD8896 FDU8896

N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

30V, 94A, 5.7mΩ

Date 2014-04-23 Filesize 306.04 KB Download 417
Fairchild Semiconductor FDMC8676

N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

30V, 18A, 5.9mΩ

Date 2014-04-23 Filesize 258.63 KB Download 365
Fairchild Semiconductor FDMC8678S

N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

30V, 18A, 5.2mOm

Date 2014-09-01 Filesize 283.21 KB Download 300
Fairchild Semiconductor FDS6676AS

30V, 14.5A N-Channel PowerTrench SyncFET

Date 2014-09-01 Filesize 841.51 KB Download 283
Fairchild Semiconductor FDS6900A

Dual N-Channel (30V, 8.2A & 30V, 6.8A) PowerTrench MOSFET

Date 2014-09-12 Filesize 155.33 KB Download 289
Fairchild Semiconductor FDS8878

30V, 10.2A, 14mOm N-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

Date 2014-09-01 Filesize 632.38 KB Download 300
Fairchild Semiconductor FDS8958A

Dual N-Channel (30V, 7.0A) & P-Channel (-30V, -5.0A) PowerTrench MOSFET

Date 2014-09-01 Filesize 521.42 KB Download 294
Fairchild Semiconductor FDV301N

Digital FET, N-Channel (25V, 0.22A continuous, 0.5A Peak)

Date 2014-09-01 Filesize 213.49 KB Download 318
Fairchild Semiconductor LM2901 LM339 LM339A LM3302 LM239 LM239A

The LM2901, LM339/LM339A, LM239/LM239A, LM3302 consist of four independent voltage comparators designed to operate from single power supply over a wide voltage range.

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